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Vinyl Collecting 100 - How To Get Started

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Start by finding your independent record stores in your area. Go to the VC store directory or google the stores hours and location. Meet the owner and employees and see what they have to offer. Learn the layout of the store, how things are set up and where everything is at.

Be sure to follow the store rules. It's always a good idea to use hand sanitizer. When flipping thru bins be sure to put the records back the way you found them. You don't want to be that guy that leaves the store like a "hurricane hit" when you walk out the door. Find out if they have discount bins. Sometimes you can find some good deals in the dollar bins. Remember when you purchase on debit/credit card don't walk up to the counter with one or two $1 recorders! There are processing fees the store pays for every purchase. Some stores have a minimum purchase amount of $10. More tips are coming in our next blog post!

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